About Us

ALGARIN is a brand founded in 2019 in a small bedroom by a young man from the south of the Malaga coast who wants to do something different in this life and contribute his grain of sand to this world.

The name of this brand is that of a fish called Hyporthamphus picarti, popularly known as Algarín, the creator of this new clothing concept, was inspired by his own history to name his creations; As a child he was a restless young man who was always inventing things. His sailor grandfather gave him this nickname.

“ALGARIN was also inspired by the world of Hip-Hop, skateboarding and the creativity of his imagination that he wanted to translate into clothing as a way of life and share it on internet.
As his interest in the creation and design of urban clothing, adapted to his hobbies, grew, he made an incessant search for materials with high quality standards, respectful of the environment, where to capture his creations, with the vision of collaborating with other artists. , such as designers, musical artists and people dedicated to the world of streetwear.

From the Algarin team we are committed to designs that adopt a modern attitude for a creative life, perfectly combining comfort, originality and elegance in each cut.

ALGARIN is more than clothes. It is a family that creatively wants to express a movement for all those people and as an objective our garments tend to inspire new generations to pursue their passion, whatever it may be, empowering them to create without fear of being judged.

One of our goals is to change the perceived idea of ​​success. Love the process and enjoy the moment. Do not focus on money or "fame" focus on what you like and enjoy it, we have all come to this world for something, we must improve this world step by step no matter how small these steps are, the important thing is to take them and move on.